Direct Store Delivery Software Solutions

Manage Your Route More Efficiently with Boston Technologies

Give your operation a competitive edge in a low-margin industry with cutting-edge direct store delivery software offered by Boston Technologies. Save time and money by replacing outdated paper-based processes and manual data entry with cutting-edge, intuitive software that reduces errors and boosts productivity.

Our Android-based software includes everything you need already pre-loaded onto your device, so you always have access, even when you don’t have a WiFi or 4G connection available. Easily integrate with your accounting and management systems like QuickBooks and Sage. Leverage the customizable dashboard and easy interface to gain valuable insight, with dynamic reporting that helps you make strategic decisions that grow your business.

Innovative Features

Critical Tools for Direct Store Delivery Operations

  • Select customers randomly or in a preset day#/stop# sequence
  • Collect truck odometer readings at each customer
  • Add new customers ‘on the fly’, capture new customer information
  • View customer specific messages
  • View current truck inventory
  • Pricing structures to accommodate any host systems pricing methods
  • Date sensitive pricing
  • View prior sales history (Route-book)
  • Sales
    • Manually entered Customer
    • Automatic generation based on preset customer build-to inventories and current on-hand counts
    • Separate options for giving free merchandise
    • Special handling of Tools and Equipment
    • Sold or On Loan
    • Track serial # and install date
    • Track Kit sales volume for equipment on loan
  • Returns
  • Damaged returns
  • Buyback return
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • On screen signature capture
  • Print invoice
  • Email Invoice
  • Print statements
  • Capture payments information
  • Print payment receipts
  • DEX/UCS compatible
  • Maintain accurate truck inventory
  • Process returns and damaged goods
  • Password protect manual inventory adjustments
  • Streamline the loading of trucks based on prior customer history, customer pre-orders, or truck stocking levels
  • Invoice summaries
  • Payment summaries

  • Accounts receivable

  • Item/ending inventory settlement

  • Route settlement

  • Transmit data to main office via Wi-Fi, cellular, hotspot 

  • Maintain customer day/stop sequence
  • Maintain truck base inventory file
  • Maintain customer build-to inventory file
  • Product and customer listings
  • Customer Sales and Price listings

Benefits for Your Business

What You could Achieve with Direct Store Delivery Software


Improved Accuracy

Eliminate invoice errors and outdated data with better tracking and automated data collection.

Maximum Productivity

Reduce time spent on error-prone manual processes and increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Increased Revenue

Ensure deliveries are made on-time to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Help is Available Whenever You Need It

Why You Should Choose Boston Technologies



Our support experts have in-depth knowledge of your industry and the challenges you face.


We help every step of the way, offering guidance, training, installation, troubleshooting and more.


We are available 24/7/365, with expert guidance and fast response times to handle your needs.

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In the DSD industry, it’s mission critical to keep moving forward. If your current solution has your operation feeling left behind, see how Boston Technologies can put you on the road to a better tomorrow!