Boston Technologies is Your Leading DSD Software Provider

As early as 1984, when mobile handheld technology was still in its infancy, we have been a pioneer in software development for direct store delivery and route sales. What began as our founder’s first job in handheld development at Pepperidge Farm—incidentally one of the first to transition their delivery drivers to mobile platforms—became a fully-incorporated software development company that has been focused on field service mobility since 1988. Boston Technologies has been vital in assisting a wide variety of operations—from automotive to food industry—to transform their route sales processes and achieve more productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in their operations. Today, our customers span all of North America, and know us as a true partner, working to provide solutions that help them succeed today and in the future.

Your Partner in Driving Success

What Partnership Looks Like with Boston Technologies

Our People

  • All original coding and logic was developed by our founder and president.
  • Our employees have 15 years of industry experience on average.
  • Our company is dedicated to providing a solution that meets unique business needs.

Our Solutions

  • More than 300 installations have aided in our product development process.
  • Our software was developed as our customers needed new functionality.
  • Compatible with the industry’s best rugged handhelds and runs on Android OS.

Our Support

  • Our well-trained support professionals oversee on-site deployment and training.
  • Remote phone support is available 24/7 with expert guidance and fast response times.
  • We also offer depot repair management and spare pool management services.

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In the DSD industry, it’s mission critical to keep moving forward. If your current solution has your operation feeling left behind, see how Boston Technologies can put you on the road to a better tomorrow!